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  1. Whistling car

    Where is the whistling coming from? Is it...from under the hood...or from the area of one of the wheels...or from underneath the car?
  2.   For all the talk about alternative fuels, gasoline doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. It powers about 90 percent of the vehicles on the road today, and with pretty good reason. Without the hassle of range anxiety and long charging times that plague full electric vehicles, or the lack of infrastructure for hydrogen cars, gasoline may not be the most efficient fuel source, but it’s still the most convenient. And until that changes, there’s a sweet spot with cars like the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime, a plug-in hybrid that relies on the best of both worlds for an efficient ride that leaves range anxiety at the curb.
  3. Honda Problems

    your guy don enter one chance.. LOL!!.. make he just dey manage am go.
  4. Honda Problems

    Wow!!.. the V6 engines only ?
  5. You can try Wagner thermoquiet,Bendix or Ferodo, These brands are really scarce though. I have used Prograde and it performed excellently. get in touch with Partboyz Auto Parts
  6. There are a lot of people in the market that are selling low-quality brake pads that usually get damaged after some days of use and causes damage to your Brake disc too
  7. Tell the owner to try popping out the hazard switch and unplugging it to see if it stops.
  8.  make sure the air flow through the AC condenser and the radiator is not blocked by dirt, insects, sludge. 
  9. Toyota VS Honda

    I think they are both good brands. the only problem I have with Honda cars is that their ball joints get spoilt easily.
  10. But really, I think German Brands like Mercedes, Bmw , Volkwagen and the rest  are not for the road side mechanics. Those brands have complex operations embedded in them.
  11. Carry the AMG go first make them touch then we go know if you dey crase or not...lwkm!!
  12. sluggish take off

    This Guy just gave you the best response. Pls ask your friend to stick with it or she would be changing gearbox pretty soon which is very expensive.
  13. It depends what's leaking all of that oil out. If it's an oil pan gasket, that's a pretty easy repair.
  14. Engine Overheating

    Another simple cause is slack fan belt. I learnt that the hard way on lagos ibadan expressway
  15. When car battery is dead using jump start, we start the car. Jump starter is not a battery charger, A jump starter can be used anywhere only when battery is dead. This technique works most of time and very helpful when car battery goes down.