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  1. Whistling car

    The whistling could be wind coming around a window or door that stops when you pressurize the interior with the A/C blower. Does it also stop when you turn off the A/C and turn up the heater blower?
  2. I thought people said Toyota cars are more reliable than Honda cars.. well, here's something I think you all should read...   An increasing number of Toyotas are experiencing excessive oil consumption and the 2007 Camry seems to be leading the charge.. Owners are reporting that their engines are deprived of oil halfway through their maintenance schedules and in some cases the damage is so bad that entirely new engines need to be installed, paid out of pocket. The issue may be a result of defective piston rings and is the possible target of a class-action lawsuit. Toyota has issued a TSB for this problem, but maintains their stance that vehicles equipped with a 2AZ-FE engine are burning through a “normal” amount of oil. source:   so guys I suggest you leave Honda alone oh
  3. Good or bad alternator

    @bimzy... save yourself the stress and drive down to PARTBOYZ AUTO SERVICE CENTRE.. let them check it for you since you don't want to go by your mechanic..
  4. Burst Engine

    This is a srz matter, engine burst in most cases is caused by engine over heating. this one wey be say na pothole burst am so, might be difficult to repair.
  5. Honda Problems

    Interesting, no wonder my friend that uses one complains about his Honda consuming so much fuel..
  6. I can confidently tell you PROGRADE pads is one of the best in Nigeria at the moment. wonderful performance and it lasts longer than the compressed metals you use outside these days.  
  7. Well, for proper brake system it is really important to have proper brake pads as well because without brake pads brakes are no more brakes, in short, brake pads are an important part of the braking system, so it for you to chose the best and the most comfortable brake pads for you.
  8. Let them disconnect and reconnect the battery, start the car and check. it happens.
  9. Toyota VS Honda

    if I have to make a choice btw tiny light(Toyota) and baby boy(Honda)  I would pick the baby boy..
  10. Toyota VS Honda

    Honda cars are a bit more stylish than Toyota cars, moves faster, and more fun to drive. But I noticed that Honda parts are more expensive than Toyota.
  11. Check your lower arm & tie-rod ends and get your car realigned and tyres balanced.  
  12. engine seat

    its most likely going to be your drive shafts.. ask your mechanic to confirm. @bimsy
  13. I think I agree with @obey...honesty is key here. educated or uneducated.. you will be shocked at the level of knowledge the uneducated ones possess. I also think its about knowing and understanding  your job well as either an educated or uneducated mechanic. 
  14. sluggish take off

    From my observation and personal experience, these problems usually start from a gearbox oil change that was recommended by the mechanic who then uses the wrong type of ATF oil for the transmission. Most car manufacturers develop their own ATF formular to suit the cars they've produced. Honda recommends  ATF-z1 for their gearboxes manufactured between 1998 to 2009 and then upgraded to the ATF-Dw1 for gearboxes manufactured from 2010 upwards. For Toyota brands, the Type 4 ATF for their cars manufactured between1996 to 2007 and the Toyota WS ATF for ones manufactured between 2007 to present. I advice you tell your friend to take her car to a professional mechanic and ask them to change her ATF ASAP. Tell her to look                                             for COASTAL MULTI-VEHICLE SYNTHETIC would work just fine. contact Partboyz Auto Parts.  
  15. sluggish take off

    I had similar issues lately, what's her car brand and model?