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  1. Whistling car

    Its not the belt... we had it changed. just in case u guys think its the belt..
  2. Whistling car

    hmmm....its coming from under the Hood.
  3. Good afternoon guys.. being a while and thank you all for your meaningful contribution when I had issues with my car.. A friend needs help here pls. his car whistles anytime he starts it but stops once he put on the car ac.. any ideas ? 
  4. its unbelievable...are you kidding me?. I doubt people (Naija) know abt this. Even if they do they don't care..naija people too like material things.

    Cool ride... I dnt mind getting one for myself.
  6. Burst Engine

    Except who I bought it from didn't tell me somethings. its actually naija used baby boy but still very clean. no over heating issue since I started using it until I drove into a leaking oil
  7. Good morning  guys, I heard about this forum so I decided to share my car wahala. I bought a Honda accord 2001 model recently and drove into a deep ditch which made the engine burst. A mechanic told me to get a new engine. what do you guys advice? cant it be repaired?