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  1. People always debate whether a car engine has to be steam cleaned or not and there are both pros and cons for doing so. One important thing to remember under this circumstance is that steam cleaning is not a recommended option for all kinds of automotive engines and it entirely depends on the owner’s choice to go with this cleaning methodology or not. Most of the car owners however suggest that steam cleaning the car engine is important as it helps to provide a clean engine in contrast to the one that is covered with grime and grease. In order to understand if steam cleaning your car engine is important or not, let us consider the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. Advantages of Steam Cleaning Car Engines When you perform steam cleaning on your car engine, it reduces the incidence of engine fire significantly. Steam cleaning car engines has been known to extend the overall life of the car engine. Through this process, the source of any types of fluid leaks can be identified. Also, the steam cleaner helps in restoring the appearance of the engine once the fluid leaks have been fixed. Disadvantages of Steam Cleaning Car Engines Electric Control Systems: The electronic engine controls can be easily damaged through hot water and high pressure steam. There is a high risk of these types of components being exposed to water, if you do not use steam in the correct way. Ignition System: A car’s ignition system is composed of ignition coils, cables and the spark plugs and all these components are quite sensitive to water. If these components get damaged during steam cleaning, then you need to spend money on replacing each of them. Air-Intake System: An automobile air intake system has three main parts: air filter, mass flow sensor, and throttle body. This system is generally resistant to steam cleaning. Ductwork can get disconnected by high pressure steam, which can then let water into the engine. Pressure washers have been known to be strong equipments for cleaning car engines as they can effectively clean hard-to-reach surfaces and corners. However, this type of equipment may not be as eco-friendly as the electrical ones. Cleaning car engines by hand is considered to be a safe option as it helps in effective cleaning without running any additional fears of ruining any parts of the car. One must take in consideration that it is a very time-consuming and elaborate process and before performing this one must have prior experience of dealing with cars and car engines.
  2. Off Road Giants

    ALmost any car can be converted into a mean offroader with the right accessories Here is your everyday Sienna converted into an off road monster  
  3. Great topic. We can learn from this. Also first aid is very important
  4. Do You Use Google Maps?

    Yes. used it in abuja. quite easy to use as well
  5. Can you do a step for cars with element filters? My car doesn't use the metal filters