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  1. Whistling car

    Another possibility is that it's coming from the cooling fan. Most cars today have two electric fans, one that responds to the engine temp and one that turns on when the AC is engaged. The AC fan ensures that air is passing through the heat exchanger that dissipates the heat from the compressed refrigerant. In an AC system it's called a "condenser". You'll need to peek under the hood.  
  2. I was using asimco pads for years but never again. They just offer really poor performance. Prograde pads changed everything.
  3.  If any electrical work has been done recently on the car, the electric guy has probably touched something he wasn't supposed to. did they changed bulbs?
  4. Please  take it to the professionals to have it fixed. go to a radiator/ ac repair shop.  ask them to check the water pump flow rate, or pressure check the coolant system. Is the thermostat allowing adequate flow? check all hoses involved one after the other too. You should also consider doing a total overhaul to avoid a spending wrongly.
  5. Toyota VS Honda

    I think Toyota cars are more fuel efficient than Honda cars. Besides Toyota parts are cheaper.
  6. @bazz..until when them go do you strong thing. na that time u go understand difference btw professional and quack.
  7. An educated Mechanic will likely charge you much more and might as well fix the car issue if he is honest. An illiterate Mechanic might charge you lesser depending on level of exposure, he might as well resolve the car issue once if he is honest. so for me I think integrity is very much important here. we need to agree that newer cars are  so complex with improved and upgraded systems and will require someone above average  to understand it ,so tell me where does the illiterate mechanic now come in except to help you to remove and dismantle tough bolt and screws. I think  basic education in theory of engineering principle is important to get it right in that line of business. 
  8. MR FEMI JOHN TRANS LATITUDE ANTHONY VILLAGE 08183180880 ALL KINDS OF VEHICLES I nominate him because he has good customer service,very reliable,he gives you date to come and pick up your car and he doesnt disappoint
  9. My brother's 04 Camry just had a has error code of P2238. His car has roughly 105,000 miles on it. Can anyone please help provide more answers as to what Code P2238 is and how to fix it? Thanks.
  10. It's even easier with element filters, just remove the old filter from the cartridge and replace with the new one 
  11. It's even easier with element filters, just remove the old filter from the cartridge and replace with the new one