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  1. There is even an upgraded PROGRADE with new features. 1. Optimal stopping performance 2. Application specific design reduces noise causing vibrations. 3. 100% OE post -cured for consistent braking through out pad life. 4. OE - style lubricant included. 5. With compliant ceramic formulation.   its a top performance pad.
  2. I strongly advice you Change or re-surface your Rotors( brake discs) before you install the new pads otherwise you wont get the best out of it.. I'm sure the ones you have been using before now must have done some damage to discs.
  3. Pads are what  hold and stop  your brakes. worn-down pads are a common cause of brake repair.  pads usually used to be made of asbestos and then metal materials.,  For more than a decade and half now, ceramic pads have been used for both commercial and personal vehicles and are considered the 'new wave' of pads for brakes. However, people don't know there are differences. Here are some between ceramic pads and semi-metallic pads.   1. Less Noise The major reason why ceramic pads replaced semi-metallic pads on vehicles was the noise. Ceramic pads are much quieter than  semi-metallic. The materials used for producing ceramic pads such as filler materials and resin vibrate at a frequency outside the range of human hearing. This has allowed car manufacturers to make vehicles that make no noise at all when they stop.   2. Brake Dust Ceramic pads also leave brake dust but in far lesser quantity than semi-metallic pads and it's in finer particles so it's less apparent and not so visible. The dust left by ceramic pads also doesn't stick to and color your wheels black like semi-metallic pads.   3. Wear And Tear Ceramic pads last much more longer than semi-metallic pads, they also don't wear down easily.means that you have the same smooth and quiet braking for the entire duration of the pads' lifetime. Semi-metallic pads use fibers and steel wool that acts as abrasive on your rotors which causes significant wear and tear on your brake system parts over time. Ceramic pads on the other hand does not do this, it also causes less damage to your rotors because it is produced with ceramic compounds and copper fibre which allows them to handle high temperatures with less heat fade, provide faster recovery after stop.   4. Warm Up Time It takes ceramic pads a little time to get used to your rotor. They have to warm up for a while before they'll fully grip the rotor and give you a nice, smooth stop.  Semi-metallic pads don't require this initial warm-up time, they get a grip on rotors immediately.     5. Price Consumers complain about ceramic pads because they are more expensive than semi-metallic . Materials used to produce ceramic brake pads costs more than materials used in producing semi-metallic and organic pads. Ceramic pads are more expensive but many people believe they're well worth the price because they last longer and save you money on brake repair. They're durable and they'll perform at optimum level until they die completely, unlike semi-metallic pads that wear down gradually over time.      
  4. Hello Lagos.. I nominate CitiWebb Auto Center @ Abram Adesanya ,Ajah .cos he's one of the amiable Mechanic in Lagos which has been working for me for years now . He's reliable and guarantees you on his work . Try him .