Protect your vehicle’s cooling system with the help of Autoguard® antifreeze coolant. This bright green ethylene glycol base coolant is compatible with every type of conventional antifreeze. This container size is 1 gallon and has a 2 year shelf life.

About Autoguard Coolant

It’s very true, that one of the most overlooked fluids that are bought for cars and trucks are coolants. While they all serve the purpose of keeping your vehicle as cool as possible, it’s important to note that there are certain car coolants that will do a better job at cooling than others. Yes, not all engine antifreeze is created equally and not all are compatible with your car.
Autoguard coolant comprises of a precise formula made from American technology that gives the liquid greater service life and makes it perfect for passenger cars and trucks. Here are some of the reasons Autoguard coolant is best for your car.

Why Autoguard Coolant?

The formulation is designed for both gasoline and diesel engines

Compatible with all conventional green coolants

Its lower-silicate, reduced pH, phosphate free American technology protects all cooling system metals, including aluminum, from corrosion

Autoguard Coolant is a nitrite containing coolant designed to protect diesel engine cylinder liners from cavitation. It contains deposit control additives for protection from hard water deposits and scale

Autoguard Coolant contains a high quality defoamer system and will not harm hoses, plastics or original vehicle finishes


Moreover, Autoguard coolant is approved for modern car models and it gives you the best corrosion inhibition that is affordable and well received by many of our customers.

Frequently asked questions

Delivery is free to residents in Lagos.

Yes, Autoguard coolant is 100% compatible with other green coolants.

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