Prograde Auto Parts is a Houston based startup with a vision to create world renowned brands in the auto parts and accessories industry. Our Nigerian operation is Partboyz Auto Parts ( which has grown into a top retailer of auto parts in a few short years. We are looking for a talented digital marketer who wants in on the ground floor of a company with the potential to build the next great auto parts and accessories brand.

We are not seeking a regular employee but a brand evangelist with strong entrepreneurial drive. We are not looking to hire for experience, we believe your lack of experience is a strength that enables out of the box. 



·  Currently NYSC or no more than 1year post NYSC experience. We will teach you everything you need to know about the auto parts and accessories industry

· Graduate with at least a 2nd class upper degree from Nigerian University or Polytechnic.

· Resident of Ibadan or willing to move to Ibadan at your own expense to take up opportunity

· Have started a side business or side hustle either while in school or after graduation

· Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills

· You are a fast learner and can immediately apply what you learn to execute on the company’s mission and objectives

· Have demonstrable skills in digital marketing and online retail

· Comfortable with a below market compensation initially and ultimately migrating towards a performance-and-incentive-based salary commensurate with comparable industry positions

Personal Qualities

· Ambitious: entrepreneurial mindset, aiming high and constantly pushing the limits of our reach

· Can execute: You are resourceful and hands-on, and know how to execute a strategy

· Entrepreneurial and risk-taker: you certainly don’t want to just be a regular employee, and are ready to invest your time and energy and be rewarded with high salaries and commissions in a few years

· Creative: You think outside the box to relentlessly find innovative solutions

· Comfortable working on changing roles including copy writer, graphic designer, web developer SEO specialist, social media manager etc.

· Team player: You share ideas, convey the vision, empower your team

What We Offer You

  • A unique opportunity to build a multi-million dollar enterprise with operations spanning US and Nigeria from scratch and grow into an executive management position in a few year

Please Take Note

  • Location: Ibadan, Nigeria

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About Us

Established in 2012, Partboyz Auto Parts is one of the top online auto parts and accessories distributors in Nigeria with 5 retail outlets & an average of 80 thousand unique online visitors every month and growing.

We have a comprehensive catalog of several auto parts and accessories from top aftermarket and OEM manufacturers to fit all popular makes & models & we offer these products at the best rates.

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