Original BMW Antifreeze Coolant 1 Gallon (3.75 Liters)


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We suggest using only German OEM engine antifreeze to keep your cooling system working at its best, part number 82141467704 (82 14 1 467 704). BMW only recommends certain coolants because they do not contain nitrites, amines, phosphates, or borates. Off-the-shelf coolant from a local parts chain is usually not compatible with BMW cooling systems and mixing different coolant formulas should be avoided (in a pinch you should use distilled water).

This is the familiar blue-colored coolant that has been in use since the 1990s but is only approved for cars up to the 2018 model year. It’s known internally as the G48 formula and is specific to BMW/MINI cars. The blue coolant formula is a hybrid that improved the service life of coolant and is more environmentally friendly than other types of coolant. BMW replaced it on 2018+ cars with a new formula that includes silicate and has better short-term protection against corrosion. The older blue formula is not recommended by BMW for cars produced after January, 2018.

We recommend mixing a 1:1 ratio with distilled water in street cars for added corrosion resistance, anti-freeze protection, and water pump lubrication. Drivers looking for added cooling properties can reduce the amount of antifreeze in their coolant mix, but should only do this in warmer climate where freezing is not possible (see chart below). If you plan on running less than 1:1 antifreeze to water, we suggest measuring the freezing point of the coolant mix.

Genuine German OEM antifreeze, BMW # 82141467704
Optimal cooling, freeze protection, water pump lubrication, and corrosion resistance
Safe to add Water Wetter for additional benefits
1 gallon (3.785 liter) bottle. Made in Germany.


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