ProGrade Brake Pads. Ceramic brake pads for  RD707 Front Brake Pads For 97-01 Camry (V6),99-03 Solara,99-01 RX300,97-01 ES300,98-04 Avalon

About Prograde Ceramic Brake Pads

ProGrade Ceramic brake pads offer ultimate stopping power in an ultra-low dust, low noise ceramic compound. ProGrade Ceramic is a premium, high performance, ultra-low dust, low noise brake pad. ProGrade Ceramic is engineered to reduce vehicle brake NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness), creating a quieter performing brake pad for your vehicle .

Why Choose Prograde Ceramic Brake Pads?

The ceramic formula has a linear friction profile that allows your vehicle’s ABS brake system to work more effectively.

With ProGrade Ceramic you can expect reduced brake pad wear, lower dust output levels and a rotor-friendly brake pad.

ProGrade Brake Pads are quiet, clean and fast stopping.

They are made in the USA to OEM standards and higher and are recommended for smooth drive and long lasting braking.

Order now and get the best and most reliable ceramic brake pads for your vehicle.

Frequently asked questions

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Yes! We have Prograde brake pads for different car makes and models.

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