As a car owner, you might have contemplated buying tokunbo (fairly used) tires for your vehicle either because you are short of funds or need an extra tire for your car at a cheap cost. Yes, vehicle owners are trying to save money these days as the economic situation in Nigeria bites hard on many peoples’ income sources. However, having these issues does not mean you can play with your life through the use.

Yes, buying brand new tires can seem costly and can even take up a lot of cash from your pocket. Besides, several things are expensive now, and auto parts are no exception. Until you have to replace your tires when you realize how expensive they are and try looking for alternatives. It does not require rocket science to understand why some people would settle down for the used tire rather than go for the new ones. However, is it a good idea if you are to ask yourself. As this is the festive period, and many people would be traveling by road to various destinations, the idea of buying tokunbo tires isn’t safe and ideal for you as a car owner.

Think about this for a moment, the only part of the vehicle that touches the road is the tire. It can be referred to as the connecting parts of the vehicle and the road, and nothing else touches the ground aside from these parts. Not even the brake system. A low tire on the road can just be a death trap for you as a car owner. Besides, if the tire has reached its expiry date, it could look good, but it doesn’t matter; it is a death trap for you. One of the issues with buying used tires is that the new owner does not know any details about the tire, details such as the expiry date, how long the first owner used it, and the possible defects it might suffer. Other details like if they were rotated correctly or the impact of the pothole on the tire and, besides, you cannot determine the true condition of a used tire if it’s not inflated. This is one of the hidden facts that are unknown to the new users of the tires.

Finally, the tire’s age and performance cannot be determined again as long as it gets to the new user. Although it might look good in the physical look, the tire’s structural balance might be an issue for the tire. Even if the tread still looks good, it is advisable not to keep your tire longer than 8 to 10 years. Also, there are a lot of atmospheric conditions that attack the tires, which are not visible to the physical eyes. Among these is the ozone and the wear and tear that occurs on the road. Yes, certainly, buying a used tire for your vehicle is a bad idea that could be fatal if you ignore it.



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