Driving in hot weather can be an uphill task for your vehicle due to the internal and external heat. As a car owner, you might be worried about the hot weather and thinking about how you can keep your vehicle out of trouble while driving during the extreme heat period. More so, to save your car from overheating, there are some steps you can follow.

Importance of your vehicle maintenance

As extreme cold can affect your vehicle so also extreme heat has its impact on your car’s performance. However, the intense heat can do more serious damage to your vehicle than in the cold season. As the hot weather is here and the holiday season when people would be engaged in road trips, it is crucial that you maintain your vehicle correctly to avoid any heat-related problems.

Always check your vehicle fluid.

One of the most important factors that aid your vehicle’s performance while it’s in motion is the fluids. Those fluids include radiator water, brake fluid, clutch fluids, and coolant.

Coolant: This is an essential fluid that should not be neglected; if your vehicle coolant is low, there is a high possibility of overheating. In this period it is important to use coolant instead of water.

Motor Oil: The engine oil also performs some cooling effect in your vehicle, ensuring it is at the recommended level. Other oils that are functional in the vehicle are Power steering fluid, Transmission Fluid.

Transmitting belts and Hoses

Another way your vehicle can suffer from overheating is when the belts are faulty, or the hoses that transmit fluids to the appropriate section of the vehicle are leaking. This can cause your car to be short of oil and can lead to overheating. Ensure you have a professional mechanic check your vehicle hoses and belts to ensure you are in a safe condition with your vehicle.

Dashboard temperature meter.

You can easily detect any heat fault in your vehicle if you regularly check your vehicle temperature gauge. If, by any chance, the temperature meter is rising above the average, ensure you check your vehicle out for any of the above-mentioned issues.

Use Of Air Conditioning

It is also quite important to get your AC running well if you tend to use it in this period, a faulty AC, fan or it’s wiring system need to be working properly. A bad cooling system will surely cause overheating in a short period of time.


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