Selecting the right wheel for your vehicle is like selecting the right running shoes for an Olympics game race. It is imperative because the wheel is one of the vehicle’s major parts that need to be balanced and in the right condition to move properly. Of course, when choosing which type of wheel you want for your vehicle, there are two types of wheels, you can choose from: alloy wheels and steel wheels, often referred to as alloy rims or steel rims. This is a delicate part of your vehicle, which is very important. However, the wheels have their own benefits and demerits.

Alloy Rims Advantages and Disadvantages

If you are looking to change your vehicle rim, and you are contemplating either to stick with the old type you have or switch to the other, there are some reasons you might have to consider. Besides you might want to buy a new car and hoping to choose which would be best for your car. If your ultimate goal in the wheel you are hoping to buy is based on performance or stick with style, opting for alloy wheels is the best route you can go. Alloy wheels are designed to be more appealing to the eyes than steel wheels. Besides, they perform generally better than steel wheels. More so, engaging in a long road trip opting for the alloy rims will also be a better idea for you as a car owner. 

Indeed, there are many alloy wheels you can choose from, as there are many awesome designs that are appealing to the eyes. Besides, alloys wheels have more customization than the steel wheels, which are also fortified with advanced styling for finishes than the steel options. Furthermore, if you are an individual that hates heavy lifting while replacing your tire with the spare, buying the alloy wheel would be a better option. It is light and not as heavy as the steel counterparts, which allows it to perform better in all weather conditions. Aside from that, the fuel economy is quite impressive, while with the lighter weight, there is less strain on your vehicle’s suspension.


The major disadvantage of the alloy wheels is the durability. It cracks and bends easily when impacted by bad road portions. It is not as rugged as the steel rims. More so, they are easily prone to damages based on their aesthetic appearance. More so, they are quite more expensive than the steel wheels in the automobile parts market. Of course, if these demerits aren’t your concern, you can opt for good looking alloy wheels at partboyz auto parts.

Steel wheels merits and demerits

Unlike the alloy wheels, the durability of the steel wheel is a significant advantage that it offers. When it gets to the steel wheel, cracking due to bad road portions is nearly impossible because they are rugged and require tremendous force before they can bend. More so, as long as the initial paint is maintained, there would be no rust and can affect the steel wheel. 

More so, the steel wheel does not suffer any cosmetic damages, and they always look rough and tough. This is also another benefit that makes it easy to repair whenever there is any bent. Besides, since there is no fear such as damage can occur on the wheel, tools like a hammer can quickly return any bent to its original position. 

Also, it is cost-friendly, unlike the alloy rims, which are quite expensive to purchase and also maintain at the same time.  


Although the roughness and toughness of the steel rim can make it very heavy, it can also be advantageous for you as a vehicle owner for balance and durability on rough terrain. The steel wheels are mostly limited in size and most often are made with 16 inches and less. 

Whether you decide to opt for the steel rim or the aluminum rims, you must consult with an experienced auto parts dealer to get your vehicle wheel. Getting your rims to form part boyz auto parts comes with some other incredible and exciting benefits. Besides, you get your rims at an affordable price compared to the open market.

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