Ladipo Market
 also known as Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market is considered the biggest auto spare parts market in Lagos, it is also known for being the go-to market for sales of second hand used auto parts which is quite popular among mechanics and car users in the country. Buyers of secondhand goods believe that fairly used items, especially those from Europe and the United States are more durable and cheaper than new ones which are mostly from China and are mostly imitations of European and American brands. In terms of cost this might be appealing but what about quality which is a very important factor in purchasing auto parts and accessories.

     Despite the appeal of cheaper costs, the risk of buying fake and substandard auto parts in Ladipo market is quite high and return policy on items purchased is non existent, therefore buyers and car users were at the mercy of these mostly unscrupulous parts vendors and there was a general distrust for them. Partboyz Auto Parts which was established 2013 saw the opportunity to turn this around and setup part stores across the country that serves the customers interest by providing only original auto parts, which are readily available on request, a good return policy , trained personnel and very good prices. It also set up an online parts store in Lagos for ordering auto parts at the customer’s covenience.


     Over the years, Partboyz Auto Parts has become a very good alternative to Ladipo Market for sourcing original Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Benz and BMW parts in Lagos and Nigeria generally. Some of the most sought after items by customers are 5W-30, 5W-20 and 0W-20 full synthetic motor oil, Toyota and other Japanese car parts and accessories. Partboyz Auto Parts has established relationships with reputable auto parts dealers in Lagos and is well recognised by international auto parts organizations and manufacturers. In 2018, Partboyz was the only African finalist at the Masschallenge Startup Accelerator Programe in Texas USA.

     So the next time you need original auto parts and accessories in Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria, get it with confidence at Partboyz Auto Parts.

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